Discover a nurturing haven for your child's developmental journey with Ali Fleming's range of personalised early childhood intervention and Play Therapy services. With a focus on individual therapy tailored to your child's unique needs and group sessions promoting social and developmental skills, Ali creates an enriching environment for holistic growth. Through these personalised interventions, your child not only gains essential skills but also thrives in a supportive and caring atmosphere, setting the foundation for a brighter and more fulfilling future.

Empowering Little Minds, Transforming Futures.


Since 1995, my journey with children and families has evolved from neighborhood babysitting to nannying overseas and later, working in childcare centers. During this time I pursued my Diploma of Children's Services and eventually transitioned from a Childcare assistant to Team Leader to Assistant Director. A scholarship propelled me to study my Bachelor of Teaching, specialising in Early Childhood. I then secured a full-time teaching role in preschools.

During this period, I realised my teaching style, honed over two decades, was best suited for settings celebrating diversity and personalised learning approaches. This realisation led to the creation of Nature Play DECD Family Day Care in 2017, where my dream of providing high-quality, individualised education and care services materialised. Overseeing 4-7 children daily, I observed developmental areas needing enhancement, fostering strong relationships with families and guiding them toward intervention services where necessary.

Having consulted  to a registered NDIS business for over 12 months, I took a leap and established Thrive with Ali Fleming, working seamlessly alongside my Family Day Care practice.

My Journey

Growth is a constant journey at Thrive with Ali Fleming. I provide an engaging space for learning and development, encouraging children to explore and enhance their skills. My aim is for everyone to thrive together in their unique ways



I treat every child with kindness and consideration, respecting their choices and perspectives


I focus on building strong bonds between children, families, and educators. My goal is to create a place where everyone feels a strong sense of belonging

I create a calm and peaceful environment for children to learn and grow. Peace is the key to my approach, ensuring a positive atmosphere for their development