Individual Therapy

In my individual therapy sessions at Thrive with Ali Fleming, I offer tailored Early Childhood Intervention and Play Therapy services that cater specifically to your child's needs. These sessions can be conducted in the comfort of your child's home, their childcare facility, my home therapy space in Para Hills, or even at their school. Sessions tailored to incorporate your child’s strengths and interests and to build capacity in enhancing their skills in other areas.  By offering these sessions in familiar environments, I aim to create a comfortable and conducive space for optimal learning and growth.


NDIS Self-managed and Plan-managed. Privately funded participants are welcome. 

Group Therapy

Small group Early Childhood Intervention and Play Therapy provided in our therapy space in Para Hills.

Focusing on working on your child’s play and social skills alongside developmental peers. Building capacity in a range of developmental areas and exploring what this looks like alongside other learners. The aim of group therapy is to enhance your child’s ability to make and maintain social connections and learn new skills that can be transferred across contexts.

- School holiday full day option in Ali’s home Therapy studio in Para Hills.
- Pupil free day options.
- Max 4 children. Cost divided amongst the participants.


Family Day Care

Welcome to our Family Day Care services at Nature Play DECD Family Day Care. Currently, all spots are filled, but feel free to enquire about future bookings or explore the potential for casual care when spots become available. In my home therapy and Family Day Care setting, your child will receive personalised attention, fostering a nurturing environment for growth and learning.

In my home therapy and Family Day Care setting setting, surrounded by over 30 fruit trees, various vegetable patches, and a menagerie of animals, including chickens and a Bearded Dragon, I provide an environment that incorporates sustainable teaching. Children can learn in context, gaining valuable insights into nature, gardening, and caring for animals, creating a unique and enriching experience.